Gotta go for the fun after the fight, y’know what I’m saying?

Well, you’d beat me as long as I don’t have a new scootmobile.

And a new hip.

My old ones are broken.


And here we have it! Electric types!

Favourite Pokémon: Ampharos!

2nd Favourite Pokémon: Lanturn!

Cutiepatootie: Pachirisu!

I was tossing about on pachirisu, raichu and joltik as cutest, but I decided to take pachirisu.

Okay, that was that. Have fun with life!


"that mask is very odd why are you wearing it mister"

//forgot to turn on anons when i posted the original thing sorry amph 

I’m wearing it to hide my identity, of course! And that’s why I called you a Pinhead: you don’t even understand the basics of mask-wearing! Hiding identities!

The Ampharos Cooking Show!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Ampharos Cooking Show! This is where our all-beloved Ampharos will make a nice dinner for all to enjoy! We are now taking requests…

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Hey! I do mind the taste! Like, is it spoiled or not and stuff!…

And my favourite food is most definitely grass: can’t go wrong with ordinary grass.

It’s a race! It’s a race and I’m gonna win!

I don’t think I’ll be doing any gen6 Pokémon, but I drew ‘em anyways. 

Crappily but happily.

I went offline without telling last night, but here are the suggested Pokésonas, except for the two gen6ers. I might do those later though.

Kadabra has been suggested twice. I like that one. Smart and powerfull psychic. As said in the picture: a bitch to draw though. Certainly a contender. (it’s a contest now?)

The next two suggested were Electrike and Espeon. Electrike is very dashing, yes, but maybe a bit too dashing for me. And I don’t like dogs.

Espeon is an eeveelution. I don’t like drawing eeveelutions, because I’m a hipster. Even though it came out pretty cute…

Next are the rest, all suggested at once. I like ghost-types and I had a certain love for haunter, but that has died down. Shuppet is a good suggestion though, definitely going on the possibilities list (the tournament-list?). It has simple design, but I’m worried that it’s a bit too simple…

Medicham is a cutie. Not that much a fan of the trousers, but I can tweak that. Also an option.

Murkrow… I don’t like birds, even though crows are smarty-cool-pants. Very maybe.

Grumpig is pig. Don’t like pigs. silly thing.

Thanks for all the suggestions, y’all! If you got another one, you can always send it to me (not promising that I’ll draw it though…) and have a good one.

Oh, and the one I choose from the Pokés that you guys suggested: I’ll give a request to the suggester(s).

Aipom has been suggested to me twice, and buizel once.

Aipom, a bit too happy of a fella for me, but I am pretty happy-acting on the interwebs. And then there’s the infinite monkey theorem, which really doesn’t spell anything good for my writing career… Still, a good suggestion I’ll consider.

Still like it more than buizel, because I don’t actually like swimming, and, well, the other reason’s in the picture.

Keep ‘em coming! I wanna continue trying to find my Pokéman.


Yoooo, following peeps. I normally don’t do anything too ooc, but I’m gonna do this anyways, because I want the most feedback on this I can get:

What would be a good Pokésona/avatar for me?

I’m kinda lazy, yet kind of an insomniac (bags around my eyes 24/7), get depressed from time to time, supersmart and rational (slightly vain, but mostly in order to boost my own confidence (I know my limits)), very patient, wanna be a writer and have humor, but am capable of seriousness when it’s time for seriousness. Oh, and I’m quite lustfull. And not supersocial: bad with crowds.

So, do tell me, because I’m kinda at my wits end: what would be a good ‘sona?

Warm and sunny! Just how I like it!

And then there is, of course, the occasional bikini-beach-babe.

Can’t wait ‘till it’s summer!


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((Well, this blog has reached 200 posts!  Thank you to the organics and AI who have made this achievement possible!


GLee (Leavannyn-Oskar)
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